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Anti-Skid Coating


Product Information

* Keep the fine appearance but stop the slips!
Immediate results!
* Environmentally friendly products
* The latest advances in technology changes
"slippery and dangerous" to "non-slippery and safe."
* Anti-skid technology to avoid falls and other such preventable accidents.
* Excellent results for slip prevention on wet tiles and stone flooring.
* TBG Group is for your safety.
Trusted anti-skid construction by TBG Group.
* TBG Group performs all processes from anti-skid coating to maintenance.
We are also happy to assist you in other related matters.
* Technical cooperation by Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture
(Funded Research)
***Flooring Material***
Clay tiles,Ceramic tiles,Various tiles,Terrazzo tiles,Various marbles,Enamel,Various granites,Concrete

What is Surface Tention?

Positive and negative electricity of atoms in liquid have a character to attract each other. Such attraction makes molecules in liquids combine, and produces a powerful intermolecular force. Through this molecular attraction, a new surface tension is created.

Effects and Sustainability

Effects are sustained for three to five years. Wet floors are especially protected. The length of durability differs according to the amount of floor traffic. Plus, less abrasion on stone materials.


Guaranteed for two years. If floors become slippery within two years, we will recoat them for you free of charge.

 Microscopic separations stop slips
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