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Wooden Floors

Strong coating carefully protects wooden floors. Because the coating molecules are smaller than water and oil molecules, the coating powerfully repels stains and prevents them from becoming absorbed into your floors. Your daily maintenance is easily done, and you may use water to clean your floors.
For wooden floors around the kitchen counter, where cooking oil is easily spattered, you can use soap for home use to clean up. Unlike ordinary wax, Special Guard coating is durable. Unlike ordinary wax, Special Guard coating is resistant to water and oil. With coating from Special Guard Id527, you may use traditional soap and water cleaning methods.


Natural stones including marble and granite easily absorb stains. They quickly become spotted and lose their brilliance. Coating keeps the special features of natural stone.

Enameled bathrooms and bathtubs

Greasy dirt from soap scum, oil from human bodies, spots and splatters from shampoo, and mold from humidity in bathrooms are all tough to remove. Even a brand new bathtub may lose its clean shine in a year or two. Bathtub surfaces may become rough. Such changes are not unusual. However, the strong, protective Special Guard Id527 coating is a barrier that guards and defends daily-used surfaces. Our shield-like coating avoids stains and prevents mold.

Cloth of Wallpaper

While porous silicon materials protect the texture of surfaces, coating forms tough layers to prevent stains and liquid from soaking into the cloth of wallpaper. Even if surfaces become stained, mopping with water or a combination of water and soap can wipe them clean.


Crazing of concrete is prevented, and floors become less slippery. Coating protection can produce a shiny brilliance and make strains easier to wipe clean.


Coating provides a strong barrier for balcony rails, doors, shutters, and other such daily used surfaces. When iron is coated with Id527 after its final painting, we expect it to become corrosion proof.

*Wooden Floors




*Enameled bathrooms and bathtubs



Product Information

* Fluorocarbon resin floor embrocation (Aqueous ion processing) Fluorocarbon resin floor embrocation (Aqueous ion processing)
Fluorocarbon resin enables the formation of a coating with excellent durability
* Continuously brilliant/Super shiny
Prevents the deterioration of your floors' appearance
* Stain-resistant/Slip-resistant
A strong and durable layer reduces the number of recoatings
* Quick drying so people can walk on floors shortly after coating
* Friendly to humans and the environment/Pollutant-free floors without using wax
Once coated with Id527, floors do not need to be waxed for a long period, which avoids wax air pollution in your rooms.
* Strong shield for protecting the materials
Realization of high durability
With its fine appearance, coating provides excellent abrasion resistance, as well as strong resistances to chemicals and fluxing materials (permanent marker, petroleum, alcohol, and others) that can damage floors.
* No toxic chemical materials/Id527 Coating Material
Because it is water-soluble,Id527 coating does not produce VOCs or formic aldehyde.
* Effective for avoiding harmful insects
Forming powerful coatings

Unlike wax, coating materials usually form hard layers. Even if you clean floors with soap and water, coating provides a protective barrier to prevent soap and water from soaking into joints and other surfaces. Coatings also prevent oil stains, mold and harmful insects.
* A high-grade appearance can be maintained
Daily maintenance becomes easy. All you have to do is to dust and mop with water.
A shiny brilliance is reproduced after dusting and mopping with water
Maintenance is possible with a high-speed buffing machine

Advantages of Coating
Friendly to environment/No need for peeling/Odoress/Reduces slippery surfaces/Increases safety/Easy stain removal/ Partial recoating possible

A system that will not require a peeling procedure after the initial coating

* Double Coating
Double coating will protect wooden floors, concrete, cushion floors, enamel, and other materials even more powerfully. Double coating is highly recommended for those wanting a stronger, even more durable protection.
Varies with surface uses:
5-8 years for plastic tiles, wooden floors, plain wood, cushion floors, and concrete

2-5 years for external parts, steel (shutters, rails, and doors), cloth, marble, and enamel surfaces


Special Guard Id527 can be used for every part of your home.

Wooden floors/Enameled/bathrooms/bathtubs/Cushion floors/Plain wood for Japanese-style rooms/Marble/Granite/Concrete/Cloth/Steel/Plastic tiles

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