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Slippery and dangerous to non-slippery and sage.

The Product Liability Act (implemented on July 1,1995) has raised a new consciousness among people.
The public better understands the protection and services they can expect as consumers. In accidents inside facilities,owners and managers are now more severely questioned in comparison with the past.

Aiti-skid coating Floor Coating Material
STOP FALL DOWN G1001,1002,1003,1004,SUBERAN Id527 Fluorocarbon resin floor embrocation(Aqueous processing)

***Flooring Material***
Clay tiles,Ceramic tiles,Various tiles,Terrazzo tiles,Various marbles,Enamel,Various granites,Concrete

Wooden floors,Concrete,Parquet,Cushion floors,Cloth,Enamel,Marble,Granite,Plastic tiles,Steel(rails,gates,shutters,and others)
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